May 11, 2006 The Music Event at Mayslack’s Music Lounge was a special event for everyone who attended it. The place packed out and the crowd was really into it. Paul Metsa got things started and the grove was set. Followed by John Cohen, The Brandy Snifters, and Tony Glover and Spider John Koerner. Anyone who was there will tell you that it was a special evening. Ask me and I will tell you it was the most fun I have had in a long time.

  May 13, 2006 The opening night was well attend and seemed like a family gathering. The gallery was filled with people. We had a line outside the gallery before the show opened. The vibe was great and everyone was having a lot of fun. John Cohen spent much of the evening visiting with guests and signing books. The crowd was filled with artists, musicians, photographers and music and art lovers both young and old. People shared lots of stories about Bob Dylan and John Cohen. At the end of the evening John signed all the unsold books and visited with more guests. Finally exhausted, John asked me to take him to his hotel. As we headed for the door John hesitated and turned back toward the gallery.  He said he wanted to see Woody again and walked over to the two-framed images hanging in the show. He spent some quiet time with them and I left him alone for a few minutes.  




May 19, 20, & 21, 2006 Art-A-Whirl 2006 came Blowing in the Wind. The buzz was high and almost everyone who came to the Northrup King Building came through the Young Bob show. People told me everyone was talking about it. For three days we had a stream of people walking through the gallery admiring John’s wonderful images. Over 7000 people were counted at the door. We were busy selling books and discussing images and pointing out details. Art-A-Whirl was amazing this year and it was made that much more special with John’s show.  
  Bob Dylan celebrated his 65th birthday
on May 24th, 2006.

The Icebox stayed open late on a Wednesday night in his honor. We had this wonderful cake made in the event that Bob showed up to remember his younger days. We had several guests stop in to enjoy the show on Bob's Birthday. The cake is now "Forever Gone". Three Bob Dylan fans from Hassleholm, Sweden came all that way just in time to help us eat the cake.
Here is a picture of Sara Persson from Sweden holding the "Forever - Young Bob" birthday cake.
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