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Crystalized Phantom



Icebox has played an important role in the careers of many artists over the 25 years of its existence. The gallery has exhibited a wide variety of shows, over the years, both group and solo exhibitions, in various media. Many artists have had the opportunity to participate in numerous shows, and some have gained national and international fame. Over the years, Icebox has won a variety of awards and was often taking chances and exhibiting unique and new shows.

The artists that have exhibited at Icebox have come from all over the state, country and world. The Icebox collection has accumulated many amazing works of art over the years and for the exhibition Heart and Soul, selections were chosen to help celebrate the 25 years of its existence. The show, which is the 125th exhibit at Icebox, provides a glance into the collection and the wide variety of work that has been exhibited over the years. Including works by John Cohen, Alec Soth, Erika Stone, Flo Fox, James Edward Dahl, Dan Havel, Sid Kaplan, Eduardo Blidner, Maurizio Marcato, Ulvis Alberts, Vance Gellert, Keith Taylor, Kerry Picket, Will Agar, Chris Faust, Stuart Klipper, Joseph Rosen, Umberto Stefanelli, David Eisenlord, Marc Norberg and many more talented artists and photographers.

The first time the name Icebox arose was for a small studio space in downtown Minneapolis. The name Icebox was inspired by an old refrigerator that was present in the original studio at 29 Glenwood Avenue. Howard Christopherson shared the space and refrigerator with fellow artist Dan Havel. Both artists adorned the old Icebox with a multitude of invitations, magazine clippings and bizarre pictures. It became so decorated that the paper ended up being several inches thick, making it difficult to recognize its true form and function as a refrigerator. The name Icebox Studio was invented during the year 1986.

The very first exhibit was also one of the most unique exhibits. The title of the show was Crystallized Phantoms and it opened in January of 1988. The idea for the show was inspired from a small found object sculpture, of the same name, that Howard had just made. Crystallized Phantoms became a show that explored a variety of spiritual inspirations, in various media, and included eleven participating artists. Christopherson suggested that the centerpiece for the show should be a collaboration work. Before long, a mysterious and visually splendid chessboard evolved as each artist made 3 chess pieces depicting a personal phantom. The unique chessboard was fascinating. The participating artists and viewers alike were excited by the completed work. The chessboard was entered in the Minnesota State Fair as a group collaboration later that year. It was awarded First Place in sculpture.

Icebox has had an incredible impact on the Northeast Minneapolis art community, including being a pioneering force in the popular art event, Art-A-Whirl. During the first years of its existence, Icebox worked on inventing and establishing itself as a gallery. Icebox continues to grow and adapt to the art and community that surrounds it. Christopherson is passionate about keeping Icebox alive to work on innovative concepts for additional shows and working with aspiring and established artists.

Icebox would like to thank the loyal customers, artists, and friends that have made everything possible. Thank you all for your continued support of the gallery and our picture framing services. Join Icebox Quality Framing and Gallery as it commemorates the past 25 years and prepares for the future.

Exhibit Opens all weekend during Art-A-Whirl ~ May 17-18-19, 2013.

Art -A-Whirl Hours: Friday 5-9PM, Saturday 12-8PM, Sunday 12-5PM.

Exhibit Closes August 31, 2013.