Street Signs 2022

After a two year hiatus from holding art exhibits ICEBOX is back with a one person photography show of my street photography.

I was drawn into photographing local protests in St. Paul and Minneapolis beginning 2016 - 2020. The exhibit titled STREET SIGNS MSP includes 25 color images of people and places I encountered walking alone with my camera. I walked alone, but in solidarity with the many people that I encountered.

Over this period of time The United States of America has had lots to protest about and much of the conflicts continue to this day. A global awakening to the existential threat of climate change. The American political system in turmoil and a ever widening gulf between our two political parties. The horrible affects to peoples lives caused from America's Chronic Racism. The surprise election and tremulous term in office of a flawed American President who even now refuses to let go his grasp of the Republican Party. The brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police Officer in full view, camera recorded, and posted on social media sending shock waves of anger and calls for change around the globe.

The images in this exhibit are small fragments of the complexity of our time. Frozen memories of our times, our local streets, and the wide variety of people who share our community.

I hope you enjoy the show. ~Howard M. Christopherson


Protests included: November 10, 2016 Minneapolis West Bank Protest Against Trump’s Election. November 15, 2016 Mears Park, St Paul protest against the PPL pipeline. April 4, 2019 Release the Mueller Report Protest at the Capital in St. Paul. October 10, 2019 President Trump campaign at the Target Center in Minneapolis. May 30 and June 1, 2020 George Floyd South Minneapolis protest and the aftermath.

Images show protestors caring a variety of signs, protesters stopping traffic in I94 at Cedar Avenue, a giant Trump balloon on First Avenue night club, a child drawing BLM on the street, George Floyd impromptu to memorial, the day of and the day after the destruction of the Third Police Precinct at Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue, looters at the Lake Street Cub store, burned out buildings and people walking through the smoke. Included images of the NE Minneapolis Second Precinct fortified with barb wire and sharp shooters from the National Guard on the roof. 


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