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Art & Photography of Howard Christopherson

©2003 H.M.C.

Dreaming in Color

Since 1996 most of my photography has been in black and white, but sometimes I put in a roll of color film.

If I could divide myself in two, I would be a color shooter in one and black and white in the other. But I cannot do that, so black and white wins out because I prefer making prints in the darkroom over working with them on a computer.

I am still learning the language of the muse. I have been exploring the nude for many years now, and still I find it to be an endless catalyst for creativity.

Dreams come from inside me; they are my imaginary artwork. I am trying to capture the essence of a person using time, place, and the ephemeral nature of being. I'm trying to apprehend something that's very elusive. It's about getting lost in a mood and being
involved in what I'm doing without necessarily thinking about it intellectually. There is a certain amount of sensuality and eroticism in these pictures, and a certain precariousness and vulnerability..

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