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Art & Photography of Howard Christopherson

©2003 H.M.C.

Dreams III

Dreams continue to haunt my artwork.

I love printing in the darkroom. I spend many hours working on my artwork. Watching an image slowly develop before my eyes in the dim amber-red light of the dark room is absolutely magical. A perfect print is a challenge and a treasure. I love making black and white photographs about as much as I love to dream!

I have had the pleasure of photographing many beautiful woman and yes, even some men. They have told me they really enjoy the images that I have made. Making a great image is my best way to thank them for their trust, talent and hard work. Here is an additional selection work...I hope you enjoy the images!

Dreams come from inside me; they are my imaginary artwork. I am trying to capture the essence of a person using time, place, and the ephemeral nature of being. I'm trying to apprehend something that's very elusive. It's about getting lost in a mood and being involved in what I'm doing without necessarily thinking about it intellectually. There is a certain amount of sensuality and eroticism in these pictures, and a certain precariousness and vulnerability.

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