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Fire Night

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It was a hot summer night in 2001 when I photographed a private performance of 5 fire breathers. One of the fellows knew of an abandoned bridge in Faribault, a small town 45 minutes south of Minneapolis. This made for a splendid back drop for this excitng pyro -technic display.

These are five guys who call themselves F.I.R.E. Incorporated. They perform at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and other special events. Dane was the first to learn the tricks of the trade, and later he taught the art of fire eating to Dale, Andy Z., Andy S., and T.J. They all were experienced enough now to all have their own brush with the flame. I heard many proud tales of burned arm hair and facial hair. One of the most dangerous techniques is when they are laying on their backs and blowing upwards. From my perspective this routine looked like a human burner on a gas stove.

I spent the evening counting; 1 - 2 - 3 and whoosh a huge plum of brilliant fire would erupt with a sudden wave of heat. Guessing at my camera settings, I was pleased to have had the oportunity to capture the color and variety of this special performance.