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Looking Back

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Here is a variety of images that are certainly inspired by my past. Growing up in the sexual revolution of 1950’s & 1960’s, seeing nude Playboy images for the first time, taking in lots of movies, has all left an impression on me. Glamourous Hollywood movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, the pinup paintings made by the likes of Gil Elvgren seem very American to me, and now oddly old-fashioned and innocent. But old as the images may seem, the women in them still have a sparkle in their eye like they were made today.

When I watched the black and white movies on my parents’ old Zenith television, sometimes an old movie would come on. My dad would try to enlighten me with vital information like... who "she" was and "what it was like back then." My father, Howard Sr., was born in 1909 and served in World War II. He was awarded a Purple Heart after being wounded by a Nazi machine gun in Italy. His stories and experiences of life growing up "back then" also have left a profound influence my artwork and especially some of these "looking back" images.