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Night Dance

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"Night Dance" was a long, involved project. I call it an abstract romantic tragedy.
This project took me in several directions and created several opportunities to collaborate with other artists, dancers, musicians, and photographers. This was an all-consuming project culminating in an animation of 940 manipulated slides sequenced with 6 slide projectors and 2 dissolve units, all transferred to a 29 minute video. The musical score was written by Bill Holm. I received a grant with the help of Forecast to complete the project and debut it in the St. Paul New Works celebration at the Union Depot.

The "Night Dance" project took me deeper into the mix of photography, filmmaking and painting than I had ever been before. I developed several unique ways of manipulating color and collage of 35mm slides. It was during this time that I discovered Cibachrome and its ability to reproduce and enlarge my manipulated images. I also learned to produce, direct and collaborate with many creative individuals. This was an omni-important period that taught me the skills that inevitably led to the creation of ICEBOX Gallery, five years of the Halloween extravaganza "The Dark Side", and my abilities to manage artists and design exhibits in the gallery.