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People, Places & Dreams
Volumes I & II

Black & white photography by
Howard M. Christopherson

Volume I:
Places Dreams


People, Places & Dreams Volume II

Over the last three years Christopherson has been building a variety of images both in the studio and outdoors. "My primary interest in photography is making images that adjoin the viewer with a sense of spirituality and mystery." Some compositions are personal, nostalgic, and emotional; others are sensual, dark, and enigmatic.

My photography has under gone a massive change beginning in November 1996. Previous to that time my work was exclusively in color. For many years I manipulated my original transparencies with colored dyes, then I had them printed in Cibachrome. Often they were 30" X 40". My primary format was 35mm. During this time I created three bodies of work, and three solo exhibits. My work often dealt with abandoned objects.
Manipulations in color photography ended around five years ago. I created a mixed exhibit at that time. Many of the images were straight color Cibachromes. The work centered around abandoned buildings and objects, both domestic and in Mexico.
In 1996 I felt the need to express myself and reinvent myself. I changed my format from the ease and comfort of the rectangle and my old 35mm camera to a more formal 2 1/4 square format. In addition I began intensively working in Black and White. This intern reintroduced me to the darkroom and printing. I feel extremely excited and re-energized.
Another radical change was shooting portraits indoors. I enjoy working with people so much. My portraits often include a chair, couch or bed as a common factor.
I am a self taught artist. I have been interested in other self taught photographers, this interest has led me to produce some work in homage, my version of favorite images of Andre Kertesz and Man Ray.
I would like to dedicate this show to my daughter's Grandmother "Lorina" and her Great Grandmother "Emma."

Howard Martin Christopherson
Born: Duluth, Minnesota, 1955 Family moved to Morningside, Minnesota 1959. Lived in the Minneapolis area all my life accept for two summers in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming (1975 & 1976) and three years in Monterey, California (1976 -1979).


Volume I:
Volume II:


Howard M. Christopherson Owner, Artist & Master Framer

I would like to thank my friends and family for all your help. This could not have happened without your help and belief in me. Thanks to all ICEBOX framing and art customers, and employees for keeping this place going for eleven years. A special thanks to my dear friend Vance for lending me his camera for the first shoot. It changed everything. Thank you, Doug, Dani & Vision Quest for the good times and the inspiration with Carl, Joe, Michael, Janell, Lilah, and Julianna . Thank you, Jez for being you, and staying that way in front of my lens. Thank you, my daughter Emma for being in my life, and knocking on the door. Thank you, Kristine for letting me work all night for so many nights and for the freedom to be the artist I can not help but be. Thank you Tony for helping make my prints before I could. Thank you, Naomi for making the mask so darn good. Thank you Marc, for turning me over in your dark room and showing me how to make the negative feel so positive. Joe, I could never forget to thank you, you reintroduced me to the dark room, you gave me paper when I ran out. I had so much fun with you. Thank all of you in the pictures, for working with me, and putting up with me. Kristine C., Emma C., Deb H., Heather A., Janell S., Vance G., Joe R., Doug B., Julianna J., Emily T., Julie H., Jeff H., Jennifer Q., Steve F., Emilija S., Emma W., Paul W., Marc N., Lilah P., Shannon M., Man R., André K., Jim C., Bonnie C., Naomi A., Dick H., Randy S., Danica D., Kristin R., Ben & Friends Forgive me if I left off your name. Thank you! Billy Curmano and the Tetestertones, 13 Hertz, Dr. Hack. Chiapas Resturant, James Page Brewery.