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Opening 8 PM to Midnight on January 13th, 2007

Show continues thru Saturday thru March 3rd, 2007.


ICEBOX GALLERY presents: City vs. City
Images of 14 Great Cities of the World by Argentinean photographer Eduardo Blidner.

The photographic series “Tango Argentino” by Eduardo Blidner has been exhibited all over the world since he had his first solo exhibit in the U.S. at the Icebox Gallery in the year 2000.  During his travels Blidner used his Leica camera to record what he saw while he was asking himself the same question… “Does the urban scenery affect and change our personal destiny? His answer is now expressed visually in this exhibition of 50 darkroom printed one of a kind B/W images made in 14 cities.

The Icebox exhibit is the first showing of City vs. City anywhere in the world.

Eduardo Blidner is a devoted photographer who lives in one of the most passionate cities in the world Buenos Aries, Argentina. It is often said that travels change a person, but Blidner wants to know how the city we live in affects our destiny.

Eduardo Blidner makes a black and white photographic study of a city while searching for the intangible. Without the use of a map this place can be observed as one great interior emotion put together visually like a giant stage set connected to whoever takes part in it and registers its special character. Blidner takes us on a journey within a cosmopolitan area from a vantage point that can transform the experience almost surely into a trip of initiation.

List of cities
Brescia – Italy, Buenos Aires – Argentina, Gmunden – Austria, Helsinki – Finland
Köln or Cologne – Germany, London – UK, Milano – Italy, New Orleans – USA
New York – USA, Orvieto – Italy, Philadelphia – USA, Rome – Italy, Vienna – Austria
Ushuaia - Argentina

"... Writing about his new series City vs. City, he says: "When I produce pictures of cities, I think about this: cities are points of reference to our personal histories. Plus the history of a person can pass entirely only one city, without ever having known any other. Now then, I wonder how would the course of events change if the person lived in a city other than his or her original one? Could a different environment change our destiny?..."

Images from opening
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