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Tango Argentino

The Spirit of Buenos Aires by Eduardo Blidner

ICEBOX GALLERY proudly presents photography by Eduardo Blidner. The sensual Tango, an erotic flavored dance born in Buenos Aires, is a raw mixture of Passion and Pain. Argentinean native Eduardo Blidner captures the melancholy and the beauty of this ritual dance. Finding inspiration in the streets and dance floors of Buenos Aires, Blidner takes us beyond and beneath the surface of this once forbidden dance. See the new expanded exhibit.

Eduardo Blidner ©2000 H.M. Christopherson

Eduardo Blidner photographs capture the spirit of Tango rooted in the cityscape and the urban humanity of Buenos Aires. He describes this as the fractual seed of Tango that can be found in the alleys, streets and dance spots of Buenos Aries. Blidner images connect the intensity of the Tango dance to the history of this port city and melting pot. The ghosts and pagan fertility myths from the native past now dance together with a melancholic remembrance of home imported within the international immigrant population.

The Argentine Tango was born in Buenos Aries over 100 years ago in an era of Victorian values. The close cavorting couples were forbidden to dance and it was considered indecent and immoral. This view still lingers in our collective unconscious making the Tango still seem erotic and subtly dangerous.

Tango was know in Europe as early as 1913 when a group of artists brought it to Paris for shows featuring dance, songs and music. It became so popular that it quickly became famous all around the world. Today Tango Argentino is a world wide phenomenon. Several countries have developed their own national tango versions. The most outstanding is Finland in which the dance is called Satumaa and Slovakia where it is claimed as a national dance. Another phenomenon is in Japan where the Japanese have created their own japanese Tango.

Eduardo Blidner makes his living as professional photographer in Buenos Aires. His interest in the Tango began with an assignment to photograph many famous performers and musicians. This remarkable body of black & white and toned images are about to tour New York, London, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic

The ICEBOX exhibit will be Eduardo Blidner's first solo exhibit in the United States. The photographer will be present at the opening.

This exhibit sponsored in part by Leica.

ICEBOX Kitchen Gallery features new photography by Minnesota's own Doug Beasley. This new work was made on a recent sojourn to Peru and Bolivia.

Saturday September 16, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Members of the Tango Society of Minnesota will give dance demonstrations.
Exhibit continues through November 18, 2000.

"The chance of having my first show in the USA at ICEBOX has been the highest experience in my photography career. I hope that this wonderful event will help me to become a better professional and a better person also.

I send my gratitude to all the people of Minneapolis for the warm reception that my artwork and I received. Particularly my deep debt of graditude to Howard Christopherson for his faith in my production, his integrity and expertise.

The ICEBOX Gallery began my introduction to the American market and my relationship with the gallery continues to help me to reach an ever growing audience. Now it is the addition of my complete "Tango Agentino" exhibit on the ICEBOX website that keeps the spirit of my gallery exhibit alive and available to the world."

-Eduardo Blidner, Buenos Aires, 2001

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