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Historic Houses in Platinum



Opening: Saturday October 16th
8 – Midnight

Closes: December 31, 2004

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featuring Keith Taylor:
Points of View - 2002

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Through These Doors

Icebox Gallery invites you to be one of the first to see this wonderful portfolio of new photographs by Keith Taylor.

Photographs in this exhibit are printed in the historical platinum process by the artist. “Through These Doors” is an ongoing project of famous doors; famous because of whom lived there or who designed the house. “My interest is in the lives of those people who shaped British history, especially within the late 19th and early 20th century’s artistic, literary and political circles.”
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Keith Taylor
Keith Taylor at ICEBOX Gallery

Keith Taylor was born in England where he began his photography career; now he makes his home in Minneapolis.

The images are all printed in Platinum on fine art paper giving the images an exquisitely deep toned affect. Mr. Taylor is considered a master printer who specializes in alternative processes. He prints his own work and that of many other well-known photographers.

 “Doors place these famous people from the past within the present. They all had to pass through. The owners and their guests whether politicians, writers, artists or celebrities. Treading the same path, holding the same handrail, this is my link with history.”

“I strive to eliminate any connection with the present day and so my images don’t include people and printed using the historical platinum process, result in a timeless quality.”
– K. T.
Thirteen of the images were used for the 2004 calendar of Larson Design.

Artist Talk: Photography Now & Then
Friday October 15th, beginning at 7pm. Free - RSVP
This is a discussion on new techniques of combining digital technology with the historical processes of platinum and gum dichromate. Keith Taylor is a photographer and a master printer specializing in alternative photographic processes.  This informative discussion will interest beginners, seasoned photographers and collectors of fine art photography. After the lecture visitors will be invited to preview the new exhibit.

Opening: Saturday October 16th, 8 – Midnight
Closes: December 31st, 2004