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Howard M. Christopherson


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Dreaming in Color II
These images expose beauty and sensuality that is all around us but most of the time it is hidden from view. These images seem to create their own reality and sense of place when seen together in a collection. My hope is that this is a place of refuge from the complexity, struggles, traffic jams and tragic occurrences of daily life. These images are not about complexity they are about simplicity, the simplicity of natural beauty and human sensuality. They aspire to be perfect, revealing and alluring. I want this to be a place where both women and men can admire beauty for the pure pleasure that beauty brings. You are invited to enter a fantasy place, a dream world, a world made of art, but in reality this is better because it is a document of our real world that we share. You see the reality of a woman nude, without inhibition, photographed, framed, made visible, and now shared. Each picture is a frozen isolated moment, a celebration of natural beauty captured in a way that only a photograph can.
I hope you enjoy these images.


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