The subject matter of the images in this exhibit includes people and places. Each image is a dark room print made by the author.

In October 2004 Howard M. Christopherson was asked to partake in a group photographic exhibit in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibit was called Zoom International Photographic Exhibition In Tokyo. It took place at the Nihon Broadcasting Station Hall in Kojimachi, Tokyo, Japan. This special international exhibit was celebrating 30 years of Zoom Magazine and the launch of the new Japanese edition of the magazine. Zoom is one of the oldest and most well respected photography magazines in Europe. Zoom editorial offices are in Milan, Italy. The exhibit was comprised of 15 images by each of the 11 international photographers participating. Christopherson was honored to be the only American in this special exhibition. His show in Japan exhibited 15 B/W images he made in Peru.

Howard M. Christopherson has been an artist all his life and has explored many types of media.  Beginning in the 1970’s with pen and ink, painting, sculpture and short films his years of artistic evolution have him now concentrating on photography of people, places & dreams.

Howard M. Christopherson is a self-taught artist from Minnesota who has won awards in drawing, painting, sculpture, video, and photography. He has documented many places including the Galapagos Islands, South America, England, Scotland, Tokyo, Japan, Mexico and most recently parts of Italy. His work has been published in ZOOM Magazine (both European and Russian editions), B&W Magazine and many local periodicals.

Christopherson founded ICEBOX Quality Framing & Gallery in 1988, a quality picture frame shop and a contemporary fine art gallery in NE Minneapolis. Since that time Icebox has become an important part of the Twin Cities art scene. Icebox is now the oldest gallery in what has become the Minneapolis Arts District. Christopherson is a founding member of Art-A-Whirl, a N.E. Minneapolis annual art event now in it’s 12th year.

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Icebox Gallery presents:

Pieces of Tokyo

B/W Images of People and Places in Tokyo, Japan
by Minnesota photographer

Howard M. Christopherson.

Opening 8 PM to Midnight on March 10th 2007

Show continues thru Saturday thru May 5th, 2007.
Complete exhibit can be viewed on the Icebox website beginning on March 10th.


“I am driven by a need to make photographs. My desire is to make images that connect directly to the personal sentiment of a receptive audience.  My hope is to grasp a moment of time and make a print that is saturated with a sense of humanity, spirituality and mystery.”

“I stayed as a guest in Tokyo for 10 days and had a wonderful time and met many wonderful people.  This was my first time in Asia and I found everything to be fascinating and new.  Most of my days were spent wandering around exploring Tokyo with my camera, making images using black and white film and a medium format camera.  Often photographing people candidly, at other times I would employ my own crude sign language and laughter to bridge the language barrier and ask for their approval and if they would look directly into my lens as I photographed them.” –Howard

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