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  "Christina" 2002 - gelatin silver print
©Ted Hall - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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This piece was created while I participated in one of Doug Beasley’s excellent Vision Quest workshops (this one took place in the Badlands of South Dakota). At the ranch that we were staying at there was a growing collection of animal bones. We were between shoots in the mid-day, as the heat can become unbearable. I saw a couple of bones lying out on the landing and was struck by how striking the contrast was. The bones looked like a relief, carved out of the surface they rested upon. I couldn’t stand it. I ran inside and grabbed the napping Christina who was already over-hot and over-tired from the groups earlier photo session. Luckily she liked the idea- so Dave (co-conspirator) and I quickly grabbed more bones, set her in place, and carefully placed the bones around her until it felt right. As I shot the image, the owner of the ranch pulled up in his truck. We finished the roll, but I was (rightly) reminded that not all business owners want nudes to be shot on their immediate property. I had to apologize for my lack of consideration, though it was really excitement beating out logic. I smiled to myself two weeks later when I saw the negative.