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  "effrontery - seconds split" summer 2002 35mm color photograph
©Erin Buchner - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Art is shape. Art is content. art is an expression or an emotion. Art is found not in a graceful gesture but in the CAPTURING of that movement. It is the rendering- THE DEPICTION full of emotion and life that turns a simple act into art. IT IS THE ESSENCE the artist instinctually sees. It is the constant longing to express that knowledge that not only holds the artist, but feeds their EXISTENCE.
Gestures, expressions, desires, nightmares, and dreams ARE THE UNDERBELLY. THUS FAR, MY WORK has remained from two primary vantage points, the most prominent being the expression of an emotion or gesture. The other being the depiction of a state of confusion or unconsciousness.
THIS IMAGE lies in the blurring in-between. It is in the area found IN the beautiful and the ugly. It is where violence can be lost in innocence.
ART encompasses the pure, the EMOTIONAL, the hypnotic, and the fragile. To live life without art leaves one in a state of quiescence. Such a numbing sensation is terrifying; it means one experiences NOTHING, which leaves life empty. I could not, and would not, conceive of my life without ART.