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  "Calligraphy of the Body" 2001 photography and digital artwork
© Arthur Durkee - Minneapolis, Minnesota

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I dreamt of a man made out of words. This artwork consists of layers of scans of my handwriting in my poetry journal overlaying the portrait image, inspired by a haiku I had written after the dream:

dark ink on clean skin,
calligraphy of the body
blackbirds fluttering

My artistic process involves both "pure" photography and the digital manipulation of original images. I make no distinction between film and digital camerawork, as both end up being worked on in Photoshop. My artwork is archetypal, and has been called "visionary art." Recent work includes an ongoing series of nudes in natural settings; a new series of quasi-Cubist layered photomontage portraits; and a series of landscapes and waterscapes of the North Shore of Lake Superior that evoke 19th century photographic processes such as sepiatone and cyanotype.