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  "Viewer/Voyeur Pedestal" 2002 photographic glass plate
© Craig M. McMonigal - Champaign, Illinois

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I have been working with the nude as the primary focus of my images for nearly ten years. The nude is used as a part of my visual language to create a single-image narrative. The addition of simple props and dramatic lighting in the studio create a stage-like feel, with the
viewers very much in evidence. The figure becomes an actor, their unclothed body costumed in their nakedness. I want the viewer to see a narrative, and to question the objects' significance and wonder at the story unfolding.
The viewer's presence is integral to the image. At what point is a viewer a voyeur, observing the results of the photographer's actions and his degree of control over the subject and the view presented? The photographer is, in essence, a voyeur sharing images with the viewer,
especially when you consider that the nude figure has an inherent eroticism.