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  "Worm Belly" and "51 Bites" video
© Colette Copeland - Media, Pennsylvania

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"Worm Belly" is a single-channel video installation. The work is based on a vivid story I was told in childhood. In the 1960’s "Twiggy" era of fashion modeling, my mother was a runway model in Texas. Prior to the days of massive diet pill consumption and liposuction, models would ingest tapeworms to control their weight. This visceral memory has remained imbedded in my conscious, as a testimony to the extremes one will endure for the sake of beauty.
"51 Bites" is the first of a four-part "Untitled’ video series, which explores issues of memory, loss and desire. Utilizing disparate imagery in conjunction with specific voice-over/texts allows for multiple interpretations by the viewer. In the work, a dream from childhood is interwoven with the present, embodying fears as motion and space calls into question the veracity of memory and the construction of narrative.