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On the Edge 1999.999

Each tee is silk screened on a quality 100% cotten shirt.

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Shirt Style:
On the Edge - ICEBOX Minneapolis - People, Places & Dreams

Available sizes: XXL - XL - L - M

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Price: $14.99 each shirt

$1.50 per shirt shipping and handling in the US.
$5.00 per shirt shipping and handling outside the US.

Howard M. Christopherson
Owner, Artist & Master Framer




People, Places, & Dreams


Photographs by Howard M. Christopherson Go to the Exhibit

Each image is printed on 11 x 14 Archival Fiber Based Paper. Image size is 10.5 inches square (2 1/4) or 9 x 13 inches rectangle (35mm). Some images are printed on white, warm tone paper, or toned depending on the image.

Each print is signed and dated on the back side of the paper. I feel art should remain precious and I do not desire to make the same print over and over. I may raise the price of a print by $50 to $100 after the first copy is sold.

Each frame is a hand finished birch wood with a graphite color rubbed into it. A $150.00 value. Framed work is archival matted. Frames are assembled with a strainer and are of the highest quality.

Purchase price includes free packing but does not include shipping charges and insurance.

  $ 500.00 unframed $ 650.00 graphite color birch frame


Ready Made Hardwood Frames


ICEBOX Quality frames in a ready made standard size.


  ICEBOX accepts Visa and Mastercard