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Michael Pry



Opening: Saturday March 19
8 – Midnight

Closes: April 30, 2005

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Without Wheels

Icebox Gallery presents a collection of black and white images by photographer, Michael Pry.

Just say "motorcycle rider" to someone and they can see mental images of long hair twisting wildly in the wind, leather clothing; they can hear the roar of loud exhaust pipes and see visions of the Hells Angels. Think music like Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild. Think rebel like Marlin Brando in The Wild One or movies like Easy-rider. The motorcyclist has become an enduring and classic vision - a powerful traveler on the American landscape.
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Mike Pry
Photographer, Michael Pry

During the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company in August and September 2003, Michael Pry set up his photographic equipment inside of a tent near the center of the event and invited bikers to be photographed. Michael Pry answers the question - Who are these people? The resulting collection of detailed still photographs of Bikers allows the viewer a rare glimpse into the eyes of the individuals that often are only seen in motion. Each image is accompanied by a title including the name, occupation and hometown of each rider. Finding out that a rider is a pipe fitter, teacher, or hair dresser becomes another revealing part of this exhibit.

The majority of the images displayed are contact printed directly from the original 5"x 7" negative. The images in this exhibit are contained in Michael Pry’s book titled Harley Nation. Published in 2004 by Amigo Press, this attractive book has 46 plates.

Saturday March 19th, 8 – Midnight  Free and open to the public.
Closes: April 30th, 2005

Opening night photo montage by H. Christopherson