New Exhibit
Icebox Gallery presents
B/W Photography by
David Eisenlord

"Sea Stack Iceland"

“This exhibit explores my love of the Boundaries between Land and Water, Day and Night, and Water and Sky.  In the beginning I was inspired by Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.  I have found other intriguing landscapes including the east and west coasts and the continent of Iceland.”

A lasting impression was made on David Eisenlord when he would take family camping vacations at the shores of Lake Michigan and Huron.  As he grew and became an engineering student he was surrounded by Lake Superior in the Keweenaw Peninsula.  “The power and beauty of the Great Lakes made a profound impression on me.  There is a spirituality to this place, it is a place for solitude and contemplation of ones smallness.”

The exhibit comprises of black & white photographs originating from medium and large format cameras that capture his dreamlike images. Eisenlord’s trademark tonality gives each image a richness and warmth.  The exhibition prints are archival inkjet prints on cotton rag watercolor paper with an image size of nine inches square. 

Eisenlord is most interested in the early morning and late evening hours; making most of his images in the twilight time between day and night using long exposures.  There is a quiet tranquility in his pictorial images.  Nature’s elegance is captured in these photographs.  Making these pictures both representative of the landscape and uniquely objectifying at the same time.


SEE David's 2nd Exhibit at Icebox HERE

Photos From the Opening

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