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David J. Eisenlord
Fragments of Eire
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Minnesota photographer David Eisenlord returns to Icebox Gallery to present his newest work Fragments of Eire .

The Fragments of Eire photographs explore the rich layering of Irish history from Neolithic, into Celtic, Christian and finally modern times. The Irish have a special connection to the past, its inhabitants and their monuments. Wells from pagan Neolithic times were adopted by the Celts, blessed by early Christian, and continue to be used today by modern peoples. This respect for the beliefs of the past has kept alive a thread history connecting 1000’s of years.

In early 2009 Minnesota resident David J. Eisenlord spent 5 weeks on an Artist Residency at the Sirius Art Centre in Cobh, County Cork Ireland.  David’s prior work with seascapes was responsible for bringing him to the island of Ireland.  The Sirius Art Centre is housed in the 1854 Royal Cork Yacht Club building on Cork harbor, the oldest Yacht club in the world. Cobh on Cork Harbor would be an ideal base from which to explore the Irish coast and expand his seascape portfolio. The beauty and mystery of Irish culture and history quickly intervened however, and the result was the Fragments of Eire portfolio.

David chose to photograph with a turn of the century portrait lens and print using the pictorialist era Gum Platinum process.  The resulting handmade prints have a soft mysterious esthetic in keeping with the mystical quality of Irish history.

This is David Eisenlord's second solo show at Icebox. His last show Boundaries - Land and Water took place in 2007. This exhibit featured digital prints of Minnesota's North Shore and landscapes from Iceland and can be seen here.

For more information please contact Howard Christopherson at Icebox Gallery.

Artist Reception 8 – midnight, Saturday, November 7th, 2009 thru December 31, 2009.

The reception takes place Saturday night after the NKB Art Attack.

Icebox will have extended hours during Art Attack and this exhibit will be open during that time. Friday Oct. 6th 5 – 10 PM, Saturday Oct. 7th Noon – 8PM, Sunday Oct. 8th Noon – 5PM

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