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Clay artist Ernest Miller and photographer Howard M. Christopherson will be exhibiting their work together. This exhibit includes clay works adorned with glazes and richly sepia toned photographs, each inspired by the inherent sensuality of the female form.

Howard Christopherson, photographer and owner of Icebox Gallery, has been creating color and black and white nudes since the mid 70’s. This exhibit includes his well-known images printed large for the first time along with many new compositions. These sensual images portray a selection of women, each awash in a light that compliments every curve and feature. Each sepia toned silver gelatin print is 14 inches square and printed in the darkroom by the artist.

Ernest Miller is a clay artist and teacher who creates most of his work
on the potter’s wheel. He is known for creating unique voluptuous bottles
and spanning colorful plates. The works presented in this show are
explorations into new territory. Pushing his vessels into shapes that flow
with soft lines and subtle textures communicating the idea of female
bodies. Each piece is finished with rich simple glazes that bring a sense
of harmony between form and surface.

Both artists live in Minnesota and both have studios in the Northrup King Building in NE Minneapolis.

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