Icebox Gallery presents:

Venus Argentina

New Black & White photographs by Agentine photographer
Eduardo Blidner

Icebox Gallery Presents: “Venus Argentina” BW photography by Eduard Blidner.

The exhibit will include 50 B&W traditional darkroom prints exhibited in two showings one month apart.

Eduardo Blidner is a native Argentinean photographer who explores the beauty of the female muse and
it’s passionate connection to the music and dance of the Tango. The images depict women in the nude in
various Buenos Aires settings, posed alone or in pairs. Blidner expresses the core passion visually of the
female muse as it relates to the male and female sexual attraction and the enduring and evolving Tango
music and dance that originated over 100 years ago in his home city Buenos Aries, Argentina.

“The woman is the mother of the Argentine Tango. I wish this woman to be seen by those who do not
know her, and looked at again by those who do know her. This woman transmits sadness, happiness,
desires and frustrations. The Tango sensual from its birth conveys the erotic relation between a man and
a woman, with the latter always its epicenter.” Eduardo Blidner

The locations captured in these photographs are as revealing as the lovely muses them selves. Sometimes
the lady or ladies are posed in a den or stairwell revealing the ornamental elegance found in the capital
city of Buenos Aires lending them selves to the visual poetry portrayed in the pleasant scene. Each image
is tasteful and quietly beautiful expressing a romantic perspective.

Eduardo Blidner celebrates his countries defining artistic expression; Tango at a special moment in time.
Beginning in May 2010 Argentina celebrated the 200th anniversary of its revolution, which brought
independence from Spain. Earlier this year Buenos Aires celebrated with millions of people in attendance,
making it the biggest outdoor party Argentina has seen since it celebrated its return to democratic rule
after seven years of military dictatorship in 1983. The celebrations continue throughout 2010.

Blidner is a master printer in traditional BW print. He decided to only print three copies of each image
First Half November 6making them special and collectable. Icebox Gallery is Eduardo Blidner’s
representative for the USA. This exhibit has been shown this summer in Berlin, Germany and will show in
the near future in Finland.

Venus Argentina is the 4th exhibit by Eduardo Blidner premièred in the USA at Icebox Gallery.
Tango Argentino (2000),
City vs City (2007) and Argentine Drag Queens (2008).

“Venus Argentina” Eduardo Blidner’s newest body of work will be on view at Icebox Gallery beginning
Friday November 5, 2010 during the Northrup King Building’s Art Attack. The opening celebration will be
Saturday, November 6, from 8 – 11PM. Continuing with a second half of the exhibit opening on Saturday
December 4, 2010 from 8 – 11PM. Exhibit continue until February 17, 2011.

City Pages Artical Link: HERE

Regular Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 6 PM, Sat 12 – 5 PM

Represented in the United States by Howard M. Christopherson / ICEBOX GALLERY.
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Portrait Of Eduardo Blidner