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Owner, Artist & Master Framer Howard M. Christopherson has been an artist all his life. "I have been drawing pictures and making art in variety of forms for as long as I can remember. I began framing in 1974. Except for 3 years I have been picture framing since that time. I love the variety and all the challenges of creating quality picture frames."


"First I inform my client of the many possible approaches, next I use samples, photographs and sketches that illustrate each idea as we develop our framing concept. We photograph many of our finished frames they help assist in the beginning and get the creative juices flowing."
"Working with a client is often very rewarding, people get involved in art whether they created the piece or purchased it. All of our clients have stories, ideas and lots of creative energy. It is the job of ICEBOX to help bring ideas out and focus in on a quality attractive presentation that fits the clients requirements."
"Creating is the funniest part." Quoting a Disney cartoon character "Infinity and Beyond!" Art comes from freedom. Fine art may be carefully controlled and meticulously crafted but it represents a time spent without the restrictions put on the day to day. Hanging that daily reminder of freedom on the wall is allot of what art is all about. A frame should protect and compliment the art without making it seem confined or altered."

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ICEBOX Quality Framing & Gallery is included in the "Treasures of Minnesota" table top book published by Morgan & Chase.

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