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"Meeting of Heaven and Earth" 10/23/2002 toned B&W Fuji Crystal archival print
Stephen Haynes - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Blame it on René" 2002 acrylic on canvas
Darrell Hagan - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Patrice" Canada, 2000 gelatin silver print
Pedro Isztin - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Christina" 2002 gelatin silver print
Ted Hall - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"7 Words" Silver gelatin print
Jeffrey McAlister -Amherst, Massachusetts

"effrontery - seconds split" summer 2002 35mm color photograph
Erin Buchner - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Meditation for Peace" color C print
Jennifer Esperanza - Santa Fe, New Mexico
$300.00 unframed

"Rocio" Peru 2000 gelatin silver print
Pedro Isztin - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Betsy 1" 2001 selenium toned gelatin silver print
Pat Thielen - Woodbury, Minnesota

"Blue Woman" 2002 iris print
Bob Barrett - New Paltz, New York

"North Shore Goddess" 2003 oil on canvas
Clara Saprasa - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Calligraphy of the Body" 2001 photography and digital artwork
Arthur Durkee - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Naked Bones" 2002 charcoal on paper with thread and needle
Morgon Mae Schultz - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Upside Down Girl" 2002 charcoal on paper
Gwen Schwebel - St. Paul, Minnesota

"Waiting for Jessica" 2001 c-print
Greg Markstrom - Lakeville, Minnesota

"Phallacy" 2002 oil on board
Karen Wilcox - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Viewer/Voyeur Pedestal" 2002 photographic glass plate
Craig M. McMonigal - Champaign, Illinois

"Blue" 2002 c-print
Elisabeth Krey Jenssen - Finnsnes, Norway

"Pond" January 2001 Fuji Crystal print
Matthew Scherfenberg - Robbinsdale, Minnesota

"Untitled #1" 2000 digital print on resin
from the Origin series
John Meyerhofer - Highland Park, New Jersey

"Farm Machinery Nude #1" 2000 gelatin silver print
David G. Danielson - Roseau, Minnesota

"The Fall of Man" Fujichrome
Sheldon Goldberg - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"The Covenant" gouache on paper
Marc DeBauch - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Children of Lir" 2000 digital print
Ann Falcone - Marshfield, Massachusetts

"Leda" 2001 oil on canvas
Jacqueline Plavier - New York City, New York

"Safe Stretch" 2003 photo lightbox
Cheryl Casteen - St. Peter, Minnesota

"Peel II" October 2002 polaroid emulsion transfer
Brooke Davis - Wooster, Ohio

"E #1" 2001 gelatin silver print
from the Thin Skinned Thick series
Amie S. Potsic - San Francisco, California

"Stella #1" 2000 gelatin silver print
from the Thin Skinned Thick series
Amie S. Potsic - San Francisco, California

"Mercuria I" Monochrome, fibre based, sepia toned
from the Mercuria, the mythological woman series
Eduardo Blidner - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Mole" 2001 oil on masonite
L. Kimberly Gillespie- Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Isis" sepia toned gelatin silver print
from the ‘Argentine Drag Queens’ the degenerated art series
Felix Aranguren - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Black Charley" sepia toned gelatin silver print
from the ‘Argentine Drag Queens’ the degenerated art series
Felix Aranguren - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Extraterrestrial Something" 2002 c-print
Elisabeth Krey Jenssen - Finnsnes, Norway

"Nood Dance" 2002 steel and stainless steel
Steven Rolf Kroeger - Shafer, Minnesota

"Armless Doll" 2002 oil on metal
Mary Gibney - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Akiyo - 2-24-01-3AD" ink jet print from oatmeal cereal box pinhole camera
Dan McCormack - Accord, New York

"Survival Sphere" 2002 oil on canvas
Marilee Mast - Zephyr Hills, Florida

"M. Savannah 42" c-print
Tim Fabian & Cheryl Casteen - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
$950 framed
$750 unframed

"Dropping the Slip #1" 2002 digital c-print
Melissa C. Beckman - Forest Hills, New York
from the White Slip series

"AG307C" 2002 archival giclee
Daniel Polsfuss - Minneapolis, Minnesota
$450.00 signed and numbered, limited print.

"One" 2002 gelatin silver print
Laurie Schneider - St. Paul, Minnesota
$825.00 framed
$375.00 unframed

"Esparanza Godot" 2002 c-print
Greg Marksrtom - Lakeville, Minnesota

"Stem Cell Factory" 2002 c-print
Sean Buse - St. Paul, Minnesota

"Yummy Tummy" 2000 pigmented ink on archival paper
Lars Michael

"Nude no. III" archival inkjet print
Jan Halle - Tokyo, Japan

"Female Figure 3" 2001 silver print
Nyla Schroeder - Plymouth, Minnesota

"Nude 03" April 2001 gelatin silver print matted on aluminum and mounted on plexiglass
Clelia Belgrado - Genova, Italy
$360.00 unframed fiber print, numbered series 1/10

"Untitled 3" 2002 selenium toned gelatin silver print
Julia Zhogina - Canton, Massachusetts

"Dave in the Badlands" 2002 gelatin silver print
Doug Beasley - St. Paul, Minnesota
$400.00 framed

"Self-Portrait, SHIN Her Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan" July 2002 c-print
Tema Stauffer - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Creative Cropping for 2 of Spades" gelatin silver print with playing card
Sid Kaplan - New York City, New York
$300.00 unframed for print only (original card is not for sale)

"Under the Masque" 2003 gelatin silver print
H. M. Christopherson - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Edition of 7, in a 14" X 14" image. $700.00 unframed
Available in a 10.5" X 10.5" image. $500.00 unframed

"I Love Pussy" December 2002 latex
Lori Benson - Coral Springs, Florida

"Palms" wood engraving
Mary Thompson - State College, Pennsylvania

"The Groom" 2002 animated video
David and Mary Sandberg - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Worm Belly" and "51 Bites" video
Colette Copeland - Media, Pennsylvania

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